Bapurao C. Dhage

Articles by Bapurao C. Dhage:

MIA-08-09 » A functional differential equation in Banach algebras (01/2005)
DEA-01-16 » Existence theory for quadratic perturbations of abstract measure integro-differential equations (08/2009)
DEA-02-05 » Second order nonlinear random differential equations (02/2010)
DEA-02-10 » Some characterizations of nonlinear first order differential equations on unbounded intervals (05/2010)
DEA-02-20 » Attractivity and positivity results for nonlinear functional integral equations via measure of noncompactness (08/2010)
DEA-02-28 » Quadratic perturbations of periodic boundary value problems of second order ordinary differential equations (11/2010)
MIA-14-66 » Differential inequalities for implicit perturbations of first order differential equations with applications (10/2011)
DEA-04-11 » Some basic random fixed point theorems with PPF dependence and functional random differential equations (05/2012)
DEA-05-11 » Hybrid fixed point theory in partially ordered normed linear spaces and applications to fractional integral equations (05/2013)
JMI-07-40 » Differential inequalities for hybrid fractional differential equations (09/2013)
DEA-06-08 » Global attractivity results for comparable solutions of nonlinear hybrid fractional integral equations (05/2014)
DEA-07-05 » A generalization of Darbo's fixed point theorem and local attractivity of generalized nonlinear functional integral equations (02/2015)
DEA-08-06 » Some generalizations of a hybrid fixed point theorem in partially ordered metric spaces and nonlinear functional integral equations (02/2016)
DEA-09-31 » A coupled hybrid fixed point theorem involving the sum of two coupled operators in a partially ordered Banach space with applications (11/2017)
DEA-11-01 » Coupled and mixed coupled hybrid fixed point principles in a partially ordered Banach algebra and PBVPs of nonlinear coupled quadratic differential equations (02/2019)