Choonkil Park

Articles by Choonkil Park:

JMI-01-43 » Fixed points and generalized Hyers-Ulam stability of quadratic functional equations (12/2007)
OaM-05-41 » Jordan *-homomorphisms on C*-algebras (09/2011)
MIA-16-79 » An additive functional inequality in matrix normed spaces (10/2013)
JMI-09-02 » Additive ρ-functional inequalities and equations (03/2015)
JMI-09-33 » Additive ρ-functional inequalities in non-Archimedean normed spaces (06/2015)
JMI-09-48 » On the generalized Hyers-Ulam stability of quartic mappings in non-Archimedean Banach spaces (06/2015)
JMI-10-89 » Cubic and quartic ρ-functional inequalities in fuzzy Banach spaces (12/2016)
OaM-11-58 » Module and generalized module left (m,n)-derivations (09/2017)
JMI-13-07 » The stability of an additive 1, ρ2)-functional inequality in Banach spaces (03/2019)
JMI-13-60 » Additive s-functional inequalities and partial multipliers in Banach algebras (09/2019)
JMI-13-87 » 3-Variable double ρ-functional inequalities of Drygas (12/2019)
JMI-14-27 » Ulam stability of an additive-quadratic functional equation in Banach spaces (06/2020)
JMI-14-29 » Stability of some functional equations on bounded domains (06/2020)
JMI-15-09 » Derivation-homomorphism functional inequalities (03/2021)
JMI-15-23 » A general additive functional inequality and derivation in Banach algebras (03/2021)
JMI-15-25 » On an equation characterizing multi-Jensen-quartic mappings and its stability (03/2021)
JMI-15-108 » Self-adaptive algorithms for an equilibrium split problem in Hilbert spaces (12/2021)
JMI-15-115 » A new algorithm for finding a common solution of a split variational inequality problem, the fixed point problems and the variational inclusion problems (12/2021)
JMI-16-15 » A unified framework for solving generalized variational inequalities (03/2022)
JMI-16-67 » Random stability and hyperstability of multi-quadratic mappings (09/2022)
JMI-16-71 » Iterative algorithms for common solutions of split mixed equilibrium problems and fixed point problems of λ-hybrid multivalued mappings (09/2022)
JMI-17-11 » Approximation of two general functional equations in 2-Banach spaces (03/2023)
JMI-17-99 » Stability of a new additive functional inequality in Banach spaces (12/2023)
JMI-18-03 » On the stability of cubic bi-derivations on Banach algebras (03/2024)