Sotiris K. Ntouyas

Articles by Sotiris K. Ntouyas:

MIA-08-07 » On first order differential inclusions with periodic boundary conditions (01/2005)
DEA-01-03 » Existence results for Semilinear Neutral Functional Differential Inclusions with Nonlocal Conditions (02/2009)
DEA-05-03 » Global curve of positive solutions for φ Laplacian Dirichlet bvp with at most one turning point (02/2013)
FDC-03-01 » Boundary value problems for nonlinear fractional differential equations and inclusions with nonlocal and integral boundary conditions (06/2013)
JMI-08-63 » Pachpatte's type integral inequalities with integral impulses (12/2014)
JMI-09-64 » Quantum integral inequalities for convex functions (09/2015)
FDC-05-10 » Nonlocal boundary value problems for hybrid fractional differential equations and inclusions of Hadamard type (12/2015)
JMI-10-38 » On Pólya-Szegö and Chebyshev types inequalities involving the Riemann-Liouville fractional integral operators (06/2016)
DEA-09-20 » Asymptotic behavior of solutions of impulsive neutral differential equations with constant jumps (05/2017)
DEA-10-11 » Nonlocal boundary value problems for (p, q)-difference equations (05/2018)
FDC-08-07 » Existence theory for fractional-order neutral boundary value problems (06/2018)
DEA-11-07 » Second-order ordinary differential equations and inclusions with a new kind of integral and multi-strip boundary conditions (05/2019)
JMI-13-31 » Some Ostrowski type inequalities for p-convex functions via generalized fractional integrals (06/2019)
DEA-12-14 » Existence theory and stability results for ψ-type complex-order implicit differential equations (05/2020)
FDC-10-09 » Weak solutions for Caputo-Pettis fractional q-difference inclusions (06/2020)
JMI-14-57 » On the refinement of quantum Hermite-Hadamard inequalities for continuous convex functions (09/2020)
JMI-16-75 » Post-quantum Ostrowski type integral inequalities for twice (p,q)-differentiable functions (09/2022)