Yuming Chu

Articles by Yuming Chu:

MIA-13-51 » Schur convexity and Hadamard's inequality (10/2010)
JMI-04-51 » Sharp bounds for Seiffert means in terms of Lehmer means (12/2010)
JMI-05-01 » Some properties for a class of symmetric functions and applications (03/2011)
MIA-14-55 » Sharp inequalities between means (07/2011)
JMI-05-27 » Two sharp inequalities for Lehmer mean, identric mean and logarithmic mean (09/2011)
JMI-05-37 » Optimal convex combination bounds of Seiffert and geometric means for the arithmetic mean (09/2011)
MIA-14-69 » A power mean inequality for the Grötzsch ring function (10/2011)
MIA-15-20 » Hölder mean inequalities for the generalized Grötzsch ring and Hersch-Pfluger distortion functions (01/2012)
MIA-15-36 » Best possible inequalities among harmonic, geometric, logarithmic and seiffert means (04/2012)
JMI-06-24 » The optimal convex combination bounds of arithmetic and harmonic means in terms of power mean (06/2012)
MIA-15-80 » Some inequalities for the generalized distortion functions (10/2012)
JMI-06-54 » Sharp bounds for the Neuman-Sándor mean in terms of generalized logarithmic mean (12/2012)
JMI-07-15 » Sharp bounds for Toader mean in terms of contraharmonic mean with applications (06/2013)
MIA-16-50 » Some monotonicity properties of generalized elliptic integrals with applications (07/2013)
JMI-07-31 » Sharp two parameter bounds for the logarithmic mean and the arithmetic-geometric mean of Gauss (09/2013)
JMI-07-56 » Optimal inequalities between Neuman-Sándor, centroidal and harmonic means (12/2013)
JMI-07-60 » Refinements of bounds for the first and second Seiffert means (12/2013)
JMI-07-68 » Optimal bounds for Toader mean in terms of arithmetic and contraharmonic means (12/2013)
MIA-17-07 » Bounds of the perimeter of an ellipse using arithmetic, geometric and harmonic means (01/2014)
JMI-08-13 » Optimal bounds for Neuman-Sándor mean in terms of the convex combination of logarithmic and quadratic or contra-harmonic means (06/2014)
JMI-08-20 » A note on the Neuman-Sándor mean (06/2014)
JMI-08-46 » A note on generalized trigonometric and hyperbolic functions (09/2014)
JMI-08-64 » The Schur convexity for the generalized Muirhead mean (12/2014)
MIA-18-13 » Schur convexity properties for the elliptic Neuman mean with applications (01/2015)
JMI-09-08 » Optimal inequalities for the convex combination of error function (03/2015)
JMI-09-27 » An optimal inequalities Chain for bivariate means (06/2015)
JMI-09-46 » Sharp inequalities involving Neuman means of the second kind (06/2015)
JMI-09-58 » Optimal one-parameter mean bounds for the convex combination of arithmetic and logarithmic means (09/2015)
JMI-09-71 » Refinements of bounds for Neuman means in terms of arithmetic and contraharmonic means (09/2015)
MIA-19-43 » Concavity of the error function with respect to Hölder means (04/2016)
MIA-19-52 » Sharp bounds for Toader-Qi mean in terms of logarithmic and identric means (04/2016)
JMI-10-25 » Sharp bounds for Neuman means in terms of geometric, arithmetic and quadratic means (06/2016)
JMI-10-33 » A Sharp double inequality involving trigonometric functions and its applications (06/2016)
JMI-10-47 » Sharp Lehmer mean bounds for Neuman means with applications (06/2016)
MIA-19-76 » Optimal evaluations for the Sándor-Yang mean by power mean (07/2016)
JMI-11-11 » Sharp bounds for the Toader-Qi mean in terms of harmonic and geometric means (03/2017)
MIA-20-46 » A monotonicity property involving the generalized elliptic integral of the first kind (07/2017)
MIA-20-71 » Sharp Gautschi inequality for parameter 0<p<1 with applications (10/2017)
MIA-21-32 » On approximating the error function (04/2018)
MIA-21-38 » Landen inequalities for a class of hypergeometric functions with applications (04/2018)
MIA-21-46 » Infinite series formula for Hübner upper bound function with applications to Hersch-Pfluger distortion function (07/2018)
MIA-21-82 » Monotonicity properties and bounds involving the complete elliptic integrals of the first kind (10/2018)
MIA-22-42 » Monotonicity and inequalities involving zero-balanced hypergeometric function (04/2019)
MIA-23-07 » Notes on the complete elliptic integral of the first kind (01/2020)
JMI-14-01 » Inequalities for generalized trigonometric and hyperbolic functions with one parameter (03/2020)
MIA-23-67 » Asymptotic expansion and bounds for complete elliptic integrals (07/2020)
MIA-23-68 » Sharp rational bounds for the gamma function (07/2020)
JMI-14-53 » Coordinate strongly s-convex functions and related results (09/2020)
JMI-14-58 » Bounds for the perimeter of an ellipse in terms of power means (09/2020)
MIA-23-101 » Extensions of quadratic transformation identities for hypergeometric functions (10/2020)
JMI-15-36 » The sharp bounds of Zagreb indices on connected graphs (06/2021)
JMI-15-41 » A necessary and sufficient condition for the convexity of the one-parameter generalized inverse trigonometric sine function according to power mean (06/2021)
JMI-15-45 » Monotonicity, convexity and bounds involving the beta and Ramanujan R-functions (06/2021)
JMI-15-46 » On post quantum integral inequalities (06/2021)
JMI-15-47 » Bounding the Sándor-Yang means for the combinations of contraharmonic and arithmetic means (06/2021)
JMI-15-50 » Concavity and bounds involving generalized elliptic integral of the first kind (06/2021)
JMI-15-53 » Generalized Hermite-Hadamard type inequalities for differentiable harmonically-convex and harmonically quasi-convex functions (06/2021)
JMI-15-100 » Sharp power mean bounds for the tangent and hyperbolic sine means (12/2021)
JMI-16-10 » Sharp inequalities for the Toader mean of order -1 in terms of other bivariate means (03/2022)
JMI-16-12 » Optimal Lehmer mean bounds for the $n$th power-type Toader means of n=-1,1,3 (03/2022)
JMI-16-18 » On the generalized power-type Toader mean (03/2022)
JMI-16-93 » New weighted Hermite-Hadamard type inequalities for differentiable strongly convex and strongly quasi-convex mappings (12/2022)
JMI-17-03 » Fractional quantum analogues of trapezoid like inequalities (03/2023)
JMI-17-33 » Sharp exponential type inequalities for the arc lemniscate sine function with applications (06/2023)
JMI-18-06 » Analytic inequalities involving weighted exponential ψ-beta functions and applications (03/2024)